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Kwong Kuen Shan is a Chinese painter and writer who lived and worked in London for many years. In 1994 she moved to live and work in Wales, where she continues to paint, exhibit her work and teach Chinese brush painting.

She was born and brought up in Hong Kong where she studied both English and Classical Chinese. She later studied traditional Chinese Brush painting and developed her own style from that background. "The Cat and The Tao", was her first book, and her second book is "The Philosopher Cat", published Heinemann/Random House buy here.

A note on Chinese names: Chinese names put the family name first, then the personal names. So Kuen Shan is her own name, and Miss Kwong the polite form of address.


Here you will find

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Prints are near fine art quality, using Epson Ecotank inks on acid-free 300gsm heavy card.


Kuen Shan's latest book, out August 2023, is


Chinese Poetry


by Liu Yuxi


The hibiscus in the garden

is showy and lacking in charm.

The lotus in the pond                     

is tranquil but lacking in vigour.

Only the peony is truly magnificent.

When it blooms

the whole city goes wild.


Liu Yuxi (772 842) a poet of the Tang Dynasty, famous for his lucid and succinct prose.


Published by the Author, it is available only from the author,

price 15 + 2.80 p+p UK;

price 15 + 7.50 p+p outside UK

Please make sure to use the correct button for your country: If you click for a UK purchase but are outside UK, your purchase will not be completed.


Kuen-Shan's recent books are

Les Chats et la Petite Fille (The Cats and the Little Girl) 


published in October 2021 by Editions de l'Archipel of Paris, ISBN 9782809827156, price 18.50, and is available from Archipel and Amazon France.


Les 8 Bonheurs du Chat (The Eight Blessings of the Cat)


Les Quatre Saisons du Chat (Tao Cat Four Seasons)


published by Editions de l'Archipel of Paris, ISBN 9782809825480, price 18.50, and can be purchased here or here


Le Chat qui m'aimait (The Cat who loved me)

once again published by Editions de l'Archipel, Paris, EAN 9782809823219, price 19.95, available from Amazon or Amazon France .


The Orchid Cat, first published as Le chat lorchide:

by Editions de l'Archipel, Parisavailable here; and as Il Gatto e l'Orchidea by Edizioni Ippocampo, Milan in Spring   2016.  Other languages to follow!



Also from Archipel, Chats du Tao, a brilliant idea: a book of 10 prints of Kuen-Shan's paintings, plus heavy card mounts to match the prints - ready to assemble. On sale now, 24.95.


Kuen Shan's two previous books published in English are:

The Tao of Dogs (Three Willows Press 2016)


Portrait of Wales, a Chinese View (Three Willows Press, 2015).

Go to Books page for more details and how to buy.


The Cat and the Tao

Available at good bookshops.


Selected images from

The Cat and the Tao

are available from the painter as

Signed Limited Edition

Fine Art Prints (Lithographs): if you are interested, contact me




Postage and Packing

~ Included in all prices 


Prints of the pictures from her two books, from her public exhibition Somewhere in China, and from her Landscapes Collection and her Flowers Collection are on sale from this website at the prices shown. Prints are now near fine art quality prints using Epson Claria Premium long-life inks on acid-free 300gsm heavy card.


Access picture galleries by clicking below or at The Galleries on left.


 Also on the website: some pages giving information About Chinese Brush Painting. Just click on that link wherever you see it, and you can read some of the background to the techniques, illustrated and referenced to pictures in this site.


The Cat and the Tao


prints of all the pictures from

Kwong Kuen Shan's first book
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  Currently showing Saffron
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Price:25 (A4)



The Philosopher Cat


prints of all the pictures from

Kwong Kuen Shan's second book.

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Currently showing Little Friends.

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Price 25 (A4)



Somewhere in China


View Collection


Currently showing Winter Silence
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Size:12 cm X 12 cm





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Currently showing Camellia
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Size:21 cm x 20 cm




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Currently showing Autumn Air
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Size:21 cm x 29.7 cm



All images and text are copyright Kwong Kuen Shan and cannot be reproduced without her permission.